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Imikimi Team
Shane Brinkman-Davis

Chief Technology Officer


As Co-Founder and CTO, Shane heads technology strategy and provides the overall vision for Imikimi.  An avid software programmer for more than 20 years, Shane’s life-long passion is building, having gotten his start designing Lego masterpieces.  The limitations of Legos and an introduction to the Apple II at the age of 11. led to his passion for programming.  After college, limited once again - this time by existing programming languages, Shane spent 5 years designing DRef - a revolutionary, simplified and empowered way to program computers.  Driven by his vision of transforming DRef from prototype into a working reality, while also providing a fun and easy way for people everywhere to create and share their own digital masterpieces, Shane developed and co-founded Imikimi.


Having attended Jefferson County Open School, a non-traditional school for K-12 students which emphasized self-directed learning, Shane was taught to "create the world that ought to be" –a philosophy that continues to drive him in everything he does and a founding principle of Imikimi.


Imikimi enables Shane to tap into many of his passions, ranging from the ongoing debate over copyright, patents and IP created by the computer revolution, to creating quality designs (a favorite books is Design Everyday Things by Donald Norman), to computer graphic art and digital photo work.


Shane holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Computer Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he tutored Math, Physics and Computers and was declared the 2001 Outstanding Senior in Computer Science.  While at CU, Shane also participated in the annual ACM programming contest.  In 1998 his team took first place in the regional competition which sent them to the world finals in the Netherlands.


Based in Seattle, when not programming and creating, Shane can be found sailing the waters of the Puget Sound or in the kitchen, mastering his love of cooking by whipping up a gourmet meal paired with an excellent wine – his latest passion.


Kent Davis

Kent Davis is a serial entrepreneur, having gotten his start with a paper route at the age of 11 yrs. By the age of 19 yrs., he had moved on to real estate development and technology. After attending Deep Springs College - a working cattle ranch in the high mountain deserts of eastern California, Kent worked his way through school buying and selling real estate. In addition to his credits from Deep Springs College, he also holds a BS in Accounting from University of Nebraska where he received the highest score on the state’s CPA exam.


After college, Kent founded Capella Financial Advisers, as well as growing a local homebuilding company from 30 to 300 units a year. He was also instrumental in the founding of Colorado Free University. In addition to his active role as co-founder of Imikimi, he is also president of AutoTek Auto Repair, a Denver-based full-service auto repair shop in business since 1989.


Based in Denver, Colorado, Kent’s active lifestyle has him bicycling Colorado's passes and mountains during the day, and tearing it up on the dance floor at night, where he enjoys all types of social dancing, from the Charleston to Jitterbug.


mybanners 5 yearsago
Hi! I am having issues trying at the moment that are really annoying the hell out of me. :( I can't upgrade :( Once i add all the infor for payment it tells me "Snap! There's a problem on our end. The payment does not go through and i REALLY want to upgrade grrrr!! :( Is there anyway you can help with this? It seriously bites! I have been tryin to upgrade for 3 days now !! It has never happened before! Please advise! my email is Sweetrain46@ymail.com. Thanks! Denise~
camanchegrandma 5 yearsago
I need help, edit photo keeps telling me i have a missing plug-in, but can't find one missing so what plug in do i need?
camanchegrandma 5 yearsago
I need help, edit photo keeps telling me i have a missing plug-in, but can't find one missing so what plug in do i need?
camanchegrandma 5 yearsago
I need help, edit photo keeps telling me i have a missing plug-in, but can't find one missing so what plug in do i need?
cherokeedove2 5 yearsago
I need help to install the edit tool for my Kimi's I already have the google crome. Debra J Styles
kellysau 5 yearsago
hey can you please help me out i couldn't put my pic on one of the frame what do i have to do waiting for you reply
enniarief 5 yearsago
Thank you so much for using Imikimi frames. I used it for my Facebook profile and its cover. Best regards from Holland.
sebrenagullickson 6 yearsago
how do i create my very own kimis
cissyr 6 yearsago
how do you text on a pic
Kori-imikimi 6 yearsago
Someone please please please make this an App for Andriod i love this site please help.