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About Imikimi LLC


Imikimi (pronounced: immy-kimmy; ĭm'ēkĭm'ē) is an online creative community where millions of people throughout the world gather to create, re-mix and collaborate on their digital self-expressions in a fun and easy way.  As the first company to intersect three key components of the web – content creation, content sharing and social media, Imikimi has singlehandedly defined an entirely new category online referred to as collaborative digital creativity.
Co-founded by Shane Brinkman-Davis and Kent Davis in 2007, Imikimi has quickly emerged as the hottest spot online for everyone wishing to find their inner artist.  Nearly 6 million users have created 150 million user-generated “Kimis” and are creating and sharing more than 300k new Kimis per day.  Fans primarily use their Kimis online to express themselves digitally on the web, but also order their Imikimi art on everything from coffee cups to picture frames – yes, we do that too!


Whether it’s a fresh new look for today’s Facebook posting or creating a digital Van Gogh, here at Imikimi we truly do believe there’s an artist in everyone!



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madrefeliz (6 years ago)

you have to copy the code and then send the code to myspace in your profile in about me if you want in you computer send the code Before the espace of myspace i am sorry for my english jajajaja
rv13 (6 years ago)

u sould of let it how it waz before cuz it iz easyer then this nd there is no code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BeadBABE (6 years ago)

I own a Mac computer, I use to drag my finished picture out to desk top, now I can't do that. So, I am confused on how to get it out now. I don't see a code either! I was told to right click & Save as, even that is not good for me, cos when I want to send, it shows the whole site of imikimi plus my picture. Not what I want, I just want my picture :( Any advice is helpful, thank you.
sameh7922 (6 years ago)

ladavy (6 years ago)

how can i get the code
indrysayang (6 years ago)

grechencruz (6 years ago)

A la verdad q. no lo entinedo
noemiasoares (6 years ago)

Fiz minha conta mais não consigo trazer minhas fotos para fazer a montagens, por favor alguem mim ajuda??
JaneteNakashima (6 years ago)

não consigo encontrar os cartões de natal e aniversarios, apenas cartões, sem foto sem precisar costumizar...cartões simplesmente...obrigada
claraben (6 years ago)

can u help me how to use imikimi to friendster plsss