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#1 most beautiful 6 years ago
I created these kimis for you people to customize, so have fun with it.
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created 7y 1m ago
         Welcome! to EchoCharly's   
                      Home page...
     And please do visit my friends site too and take a look at their          awesome creation .Just click their name listed on my pages. TY!

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jacksbaby6 (7 years ago)

I have not and will not run around the kimi site and give fake comments on peoples pages or kimi's just to make myself look good and get comments and stars from people so I look like I'm liked more than someone else. All my comments are from the heart I I really admire someones work and If I do I will give them huge credit for their work.
jacksbaby6 (7 years ago)

Awwww thanks so much Echo! :) I have never stolen a kimi from anyone and all mine and my daughers kimi's are all our own creativity and ideas. There are so many artists who are very real and honest and have so much creativity but there are some that think they need to copy and steal ideas from other artists and thats very sad! You are a very strong artist and everyone can see that you awells as myself and others dont need to lower ourselves.
EchoCharly (7 years ago)

Thanks paige for being so nice.Thanks for the comments once again.
jacksbaby6 (7 years ago)

Awesome homepage! :) Thanks for the comment! :) I saw that you had lost all your comments so I new I needed to give you another one! :) Your very good at making kimi's! :) I took a look through all your kimi's and they are outstanding! :) Keep up the awesome job and keep your great kimi's coming! :) 5 stars! :)
EchoCharly (7 years ago)

yuh! sure tyronnia, just add my messenger...rendezvous@live.com.my
tyronnia (7 years ago)

hey echocharly im trynna learn to make my own kimis so can u help me out with it
EchoCharly (7 years ago)

I'm sorry guyz, I lost all your comments.I'm having problem of editing my pages. I'm still working on it.