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lilymaud (10 days ago)

I have a new computer Windows 8 and I was told to install plugin which I have done at least 8 times but I still over a period of 3 months still can it tells me to get a plugin. So why is this happening please?? I even became a KImi Fan and am paying for something I can't use.Will you help?
selena220 (1 month ago)

A Imikimi frame that is already made and I want to take something like a rose or heart off the already made frame and add something different..How can I do that? my friend had a already made frame by someone and I liked the lay out but I wanted a different color of flowers so she took the flowers off and we added different flowers and a few other things. I tried it when I got home but all I can do is Add pictures or text, change style and color of text. What am I doing wrong
mamapatnc (1 month ago)

I have used Imikimi for years...just got an updated computer this weekend...when I went to make a Kimi today using Firefox, I got a page saying I had to install the plug-in...which I have done several times and yet continue to get the page saying I need to add the plug-in...what is the problem????
Patriziaruaro (2 months ago)

come si cancellano i kimi?
lour112x (2 months ago)

can you delete your own kimis i can't seem to fine out were
stellitsa (2 months ago)

i have the same problem with many of your kimi users. for years i've been using it with no problem. now, i can't edit, and when i am trying to follow instructions for a plug in, i tried, and tried, but it just won't work. can you please fix this problem? this is VERY frustrating.
momo2468 (2 months ago)

bonjour comment faire pour mettre le plugin je l'est fait rien ne fonctionne merci de bien m'expliquez !!!
wolfgirl_13615 (3 months ago)

bluevalentine (3 months ago)

I have been using this for about 6 years. I was just told to download the plug-in I did it, and it still does not work,this is very frustrating as I need it for a memorial service
chrystele11 (4 months ago)

pendant des années je pouvais faire des montages facilement mais depuis quelques mois c'est dur pour fonctionner et pour ecrire le texte je suis deçue sa marche 1 fois de temps en temps c'est énevant de réinstaller à chaque fois