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margarita2007-CT 1 monthago
I Understand :) Take care
Jezebel64 1 monthago
Thanks for the compliments Bella and Margarita. Not in the mood to write to anyone just now. Nothing personal.
margarita2007-CT 1 monthago
I still haven't heard anything more about the concert, are you traveling here to see him :) I know it is a long flight :) but it would be nice, hey you can even stay in my house :) doors are always open. Always loving your new creations. You only have that unique style on creating so beautiful creations.
MicFish3 2 monthsago
Hi Jackie, thanks for stopping by my page. I still need to work on it. Love so many of your new kimis like Red Roses, Ruby Red and the Simple Things in Life. They're all so beautiful!! I hope you and Timo have a very Happy Valentine's Day later this week. Sending huggss.
margarita2007-CT 2 monthsago
Yeah i forgot to correct the date :) sorry i'm going to see if i go, if my son can get the tickets for free, since he works there.
margarita2007-CT 2 monthsago
Hope you're doing good, just to let you know that your boy is performing in out state on July 25. :)
margarita2007-CT 5 monthsago
Thanks for the comment, if you ever needs any of the models, i can emailed them to you :) i have no problem sharing, i'm here to for that. :)
margarita2007-CT 5 monthsago
Missing your new creations :)
margarita2007-CT 6 monthsago
Thanks for the comment :) Your style is unique and very original. We all at Imikimi land have a own style of creating kimis. I really don't mind a lot if I don't get uses, as long I created them, that will make me happy :) Keep creating those wonderful kimis. Have a great day.
margarita2007-CT 6 monthsago
Fan of all your kimis :)