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hrit 1 dayago
Hello Beth, your new kimis are sooooo ELEGANT ..... veeeeery nice kimis :-))))) Wishing you a beautifuuuuul sunny week :-)
Horror02 6 daysago
Hi Beth stopping by to see your beautiful work..hope all is good
hrit 15 daysago
Hi Beth, your visit & nice words always make me happy :-))) Yes, you are right each of us now prefer to spend time out. In our country there is an extremely hot weather up to tropical 38 degrees centigrade. I hope you have a nice summer too. I wish a nice week :-)
hrit 1 monthago
.... coming by to say a biiiig THX for the comment & also I would like to wish you a nice weekend .....
hrit 1 monthago
..... as I have already written, I will try to make more kimis that I promised you. It just takes time. Wishing you a great day :-)))
hrit 1 monthago
Hi Beth, I'm sorry you can't customize your photos in my kimis. Yes, you're right, I tried also it a few weeks ago and it didn't work. By the way I'm very happy that my kimis like your son's wife. Of course, I would like to make more kimis, but duties in real life do not allow me to spend more time in the Imikimi world. It's summer & when weather is nice so I spend time rather outside than behind the computer.
hrit 1 monthago
I wish your daughter a lot of luck in her beautiful life. Let them bring these days only joy & good mood. Since summer is here, so I wish you, your daughter & your loved ones to enjoy a beautiful sunny summer full of great experiences :-))) .... by the way sure I will try to create some more wedding kimis for your daughter because I like a wedding theme likewise as floral theme. Have a HAPPY DAY!
hrit 2 monthsago
You're welcome :-) ...... gladly ♥ ♥ ♥ ......
hrit 2 monthsago
Thank you Beth for visiting my page & leaving beautiful words on my creations. I'm glad you like my wedding kimi. Your new kimis are also very ELEGANT & IMPRESSIVE :-) .... because I love flowers so much I admire the kimis with the flower motif. Your creations are also amazing. Keep up the good work :-) Wishing you a beautifuuuul week .....
Horror02 3 monthsago
Yes moms deserve to be spoiled and pampered everday : )