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CarolinaMel (3 years ago)

What a pleasure to hear from you my friend!! I am glad that your pc is fixed! Sandy was goot to you then. I hope that the New Year continue to bring you the best of blessings: health, love and prosperity. Enjoy your celebration and HAPPY NEW 2013!!! Hugs and much ♥ your way my friend!
jobe2012 (3 years ago)

Hello My name is Cynthia and i seek for true friendship and partner so i contacted you, please if you don't mind i will like you to reply my mail back so i can send you my picture and tell you more about me, Cynthia......my email..(cynthiajobe@hotmail.com) Kisses
CarolinaMel (4 years ago)

Hi Maggie! great to hear from you and thanks for thinking of me even thru time and distance, my friend. Have a wonderful Valentines day, and may love fill your life always. Hugs and my best always.
CarolinaMel (4 years ago)

Hola Maggie! Vine a desearte una Feliz Navidad! Que sea una hermosa celebracion, llena de paz, dicha y familia. Enjoy it! todo mi cariño para ti! Un fuerte abrazo mi amiga.
cubarican210 (4 years ago)

OMG!I had no idea that my page was nominated yesterday. Cool!
jaybyrdamw78 (4 years ago)

Best kimi page ***** keep up the good work...
CarolinaMel (4 years ago)

Hi again Maggie. Yes, you can use them here in your awesome kimis. It will be a pleasure to see what you make. Enjoy! Hugs=
CarolinaMel (4 years ago)

Aww, que lindo que vas a ser tia, Maggie!! Te deseo mucha felicidad, y que tu sobrinito/a llegue sano y lleno de bendiciones. Mucha suerte en tu nuevo empleo, que coseches muchos exitos y que todo continue bien en tu vida. Abrazos y nos vemos pronto. Pls. visit me in my freebies blog, you might find something you like:-HugsN-♥ http://digitaldesignsbycarolina.blogspot.com/
CarolinaMel (5 years ago)

Hola Maggie! How are things with you my sweetest friend? Espero que estes muy bien, feliz con todo lo que hagas y deseo que estos dias de Pascua hayan sido llenos de bendiciones para ti, mi duradera amiga. Un fuerte abrazo y te extraño. Love always, ♥
CarolinaMel (5 years ago)

Hello my sweet friend, I have missed you too and like you I have not been much in kimiworld. I am back home in Florida and soo happy to be among family, so things are wonderful. Hope everything is good with you and that you will come back to making your gorgeous creations soon. I know real life keeps us away and busy, but we always end up coming to kimiland. Hugs and keep in touch. Lots of love too.♥