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Heartfelt thanks to all for visit & for comments.
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shiela_zinke (7 months ago)

Hi Igrid wish you too a Happy Easter with your family, I just checking out my kimi page because yesterday I coudnt see my page, thanks god I get back after I emailed kent about the problem, THANK YOU INGRID MY FRIEND HUGS
beth236 (7 months ago)

Hi Ingrid, thank you for stopping by with your good wishes. I hope you and your loved ones enjoy a safe and happy Easter too. xx
tess2009z (8 months ago)

Hi Ingrid, how is it going? Stopping by to wish you a great weekend and to visit your wonderful, gorgeous artworks. Beautiful Easter kimis. Awesome new ideas. Love them all. TC! xxx
Sinnlich (8 months ago)

Hallo.Wie geht es dir?...Ich habe wieder ein Problem.Ich kann die Categorie Page (linke Seite) nicht mehr bearbeiten.Bei mir die selbsterstellten....Ist das Problem bei dir auch? Vielleicht gibt es das nur noch für zahlende Mitglieder..email schreiben geht auch nicht mehr....Happy Day. Lg Chr
beth236 (8 months ago)

Lovely St Patrick's kimi Ingrid :) x
shiela_zinke (9 months ago)

Hello Ingrid how are you yoing my dear friend? Thanks for stopping by on my page with your nice comments, its more than a week now i catch this grippe, sometimes the weather very warm and again cold, the same old story hehe in anyway wish you too a great day and god bkess you my friend, luv ja hugs
tess2009z (9 months ago)

Thank you Ingrid for stopping by my page. It's really nice to see your comment once in a while. Thank you too for the weekend wishes. I was out in the cold doing my winter activities. :)) Anyway, I hope your weekend went well too. Your kimis are all fantastic. Gorgeous as always. Keep them coming! TC! God bless! xxx
beth236 (9 months ago)

Hello Ingrid, thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. It was lovely to hear from you & I hope you've been well. I absolutely love your kimis, they are soft & feminine with so much detail. You are so talented :).. Take care, lots of love. x
amberkiitty77 (10 months ago)

Hello my sweet Ingrid ti has been a while. Missed visiting your lovely page. Sending love your way
sexy_momma_54 (10 months ago)

Hi Ingrid thank you for stopping by....Best Wishes for the New Year 2015....Love your Kimis