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Heartfelt thanks to all for visit & for comments.
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mmrcss (3 months ago)

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR my dear friend Ingrid!!! 1000 kissesssss. Nuria.
tess2009z (3 months ago)

Hi Ingrid! Wish you too dear friend a wonderful abundant Holiday Season! Your homepage look awesome! All of your kimis look fabulous. Love them all! Merry Christmas! Hugs! ♥♥♥
evmasy (3 months ago)

dear ingrid, danke für den ganz lieben gruß und die wünsche. ich wünsche dir auch ein gesegnetes weihnachten und einen gesunden und guten start in das neue jahr. -- sehr schöne page!!!!!-- hugs and kisses ;-)
sexy_momma_54 (3 months ago)

Hi Ingrid so Happy you drop by thank you.Mery Christmas and A Happy New Year Wishing the best Hugz ♥
shiela_zinke (3 months ago)

Hi Ingrid Wishing you my warmest greeting MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU !! Hope you enjoy this wonderful season of the year... GOD BLESS YOU
mmrcss (4 months ago)

Hellooo Ingrid, your page is always beautiful!!!! and your creations are fantastic, i love your work!!!! happy weekend my dear friend!!! 1000 kissessssss
amberkiitty77 (4 months ago)

Hi Ingrid popped in to wish youHappy Holidays sweet friend--Sending love your way.......Love the new page always gives me warm loving feelings to see your art!!!!! Excellent <3 Hugs
Sinnlich (4 months ago)

Hallo,kannst du mir helfen.ich kann keine kimis mehr bauen.pflugin funktioniert nicht.und creator weiß ich nicht wie die bilder in kimiseite bekomme.bin sehr traurig,daß ich hier nichts mehr machen kann.lg chr
tess2009z (5 months ago)

Hi Ingrid, thank you for visiting my page. Very happy to hear from you. Likewise your work are all fabulous. Indeed all creative and well designed. Love it! Hope your day is good today. Wish you all the love and happiness forever and always. Take care! Hugs!
shiela_zinke (5 months ago)

Hello Ingrid my friend thank you fo stopping by on my page, yes its true as long as we live we are behind of the time, i hate too but we cant do nothing to stop the time lol,your page is always beautiful and your creations are fantastic, i love your work... Have a wonderful blessed weekend my friend