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Heartfelt thanks to all for visit & for comments.
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beth236 2 monthsago
Thank you for your lovely comment Ingrid. The weeks/months are passing too quickly :)
beth236 2 monthsago
Thank you so much for all your recent kimis Ingrid which I have just seen. As always, they are beautiful. I haven't spent a lot of time on the site over the summer months and I think that probably speaks for a few of us :) :) .... we are too busy enjoying the better weather with family & friends. I must admit, however, that I love Autumn :) :) ............. I hope you have a good week.
beth236 3 monthsago
Hello again Ingrid. I have just been trying to customize more of your kimis with wedding photos..... but no luck at the moment. It's as if the 'customize' feature has completely frozen. Not good :) .......... Thank you for all you do. My Son's wife is loving their photos in your kimis :)
beth236 3 monthsago
Hi Ingrid :) ... Thank you very much for such kind wishes. I have put photos of my Son & Daughter-in-Law in a few of your wedding kimis. I wish I could post them privately to you on Imikimi. Maybe / hopefully the site will have this facility in the future :) .... Thank you again and I hope you are happy & well.
beth236 3 monthsago
My Daughter-in-Law loves your kimi with one of their photos and she says 'Thank you' ..... :)
beth236 4 monthsago
Thank you very much for your beautiful wedding kimi. I love it :) :) :)
margarita2007-CT 4 monthsago
As always, AMAZING, the summer wedding kimi it is too much beautiful!!! :) God bless your talent and imagination.
beth236 4 monthsago
Hello again Ingrid, I hope you are doing ok and don't mind me asking (again). Could you make a wedding kimi with cream roses and perhaps some shells to give it a beach theme ? .... I would be so grateful as I love your kimis.
beth236 4 monthsago
Thank you for stopping by Ingrid, it's always lovely to hear from you. I like flowers too but could never make kimis the way you do... you have a very special talent. I hope you enjoy your weekend :)
beth236 4 monthsago
Thank you Ingrid for the beautiful choices you are giving ~ not only to me ~ but to everyone who is looking for a very special kimi... :) :)