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Heartfelt thanks to all for visit & for comments.
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beth236 5 daysago
What a lovely message Ingrid, thank you so much. There has been so much going on here over the last few months. I wish you and your family & friends the very best of everything over Christmas and the New Year. It's been snowing a lot here so maybe we will all get our white Christmas :) Family are all over the world but hope to catch up with some in January. Lots of Love. x
beth236 7 daysago
I can't believe it's almost the end of another year ....... I haven't been on the site very much since the summer. Thank you for your friendship. MERRY CHRISTMAS Ingrid.
Sinnlich 10 daysago
Hallo, ich Danke dir für die Grüße. Ich wünsche dir auch eine schöne Weihnachtszeit ! Wie geht es dir so ? Du hast immer schöne Kimis , viel Geduld sie zu gestalten.Wie machst du diesen Dicken Rand ? Wo die Bilder reinkommen. Ganz liebe Grüße Christine
beth236 1 monthago
Thank you for stopping by Ingrid. Like you, I love Winter :) I remember having a lot of snow when I lived in Germany in the1980's. Although cold here in the UK we never get lots of snow anymore. Christmas is near once again - and I wish you a happy time with your friends & family.
beth236 1 monthago
Hello again Ingrid :) ... How are you ? - it's been a while. I can see you have been making your usual beautiful unique kimis. They never cease to amaze me. Wishing you a warm winter..... :) :) x
beth236 4 monthsago
Thank you for your lovely comment Ingrid. The weeks/months are passing too quickly :)
beth236 4 monthsago
Thank you so much for all your recent kimis Ingrid which I have just seen. As always, they are beautiful. I haven't spent a lot of time on the site over the summer months and I think that probably speaks for a few of us :) :) .... we are too busy enjoying the better weather with family & friends. I must admit, however, that I love Autumn :) :) ............. I hope you have a good week.
beth236 5 monthsago
Hello again Ingrid. I have just been trying to customize more of your kimis with wedding photos..... but no luck at the moment. It's as if the 'customize' feature has completely frozen. Not good :) .......... Thank you for all you do. My Son's wife is loving their photos in your kimis :)
beth236 5 monthsago
Hi Ingrid :) ... Thank you very much for such kind wishes. I have put photos of my Son & Daughter-in-Law in a few of your wedding kimis. I wish I could post them privately to you on Imikimi. Maybe / hopefully the site will have this facility in the future :) .... Thank you again and I hope you are happy & well.
beth236 5 monthsago
My Daughter-in-Law loves your kimi with one of their photos and she says 'Thank you' ..... :)