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Heartfelt thanks to all for visit & for comments.
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beth236 3 daysago
Thank you for your comment Ingrid... it made me smile :).......... I love your motto. I couldn't agree more.
beth236 19 daysago
Hello again Ingrid, I couldn't help but notice you've been back making more of your beautiful kimis. I can always tell when something I see is yours :) :) :)
Noelle4516 1 monthago
Thank you again.
beth236 2 monthsago
Thank you so much for your very kind wishes Ingrid, it was lovely to hear from you after such a long time. The year has flown by hasn't it. Your kimis are, as always, outstanding - (always a pleasure to look at) - and I wish you & your friends & family the best of everything for the coming year.
margarita2007-CT 4 monthsago
Missing your new kimis. :)
laceyjan 8 monthsago
where do you find so many beautiful images to use?
laceyjan 8 monthsago
Love all your Imikimi's , so beautiful
shiela_zinke 8 monthsago
Hi Ingrid my friend thank u for stopping by on my page, Nice to see u again, Yes now its summer again and i know you love more summer than winter lol, In anyway your page is beautiful as always, Very soft color and clear, I love it... Have a blessed sunday too, hugs
amberkiitty77 8 monthsago
Hello my friend. Time may pass but the beauty of your art never does. Sending hugs.
margarita2007-CT 9 monthsago
You are more than welcome, thanks for the compliment and for me is an honor having you on my page. :)