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Heartfelt thanks to all for visit & for comments.
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lillela83 (2 months ago)

Thank you very much for the links! I've found some beautiful creations. Hopefully I'll be able to check in more often, I forgot how much I missed viewing everyone's amazing creations. Keep up the beautiful work.
Sinnlich (2 months ago)

Hallo,ich wünsche dir eine schöne Vorweihnachtszeit. Ich kann nun garnicht mehr in imikimi bei Explorer. ich habe in chrome ,Programme,Google und Application. Aber kein Pflugin.Kann ich das kopierte auch in Application einfügen??? Bei Google , ich habe Windows XP . Könnte ich es auch in Explorer einfügen???? Im Explorer zeigt es seit heute nichts an.Und das zur Weihnachtszeit... Lg Chr.
lillela83 (2 months ago)

Hello old friend, not sure if you remember me, its been a few years since I have been on imikimi. Your work is even more beautiful than I remember! I would really love to make some kimis for my family this Christmas, but have lost all of my scrapbooking elements and am hoping you have some links and sites you could share much appreciated. Thanks and Merry Christmas!
shiela_zinke (3 months ago)

Hello Ingrid stopping by to say have a wonderful blessed weekend, hope you enjoy this season, the next is winter and i know you dont like winter lol but we cant escape, time goes quickly same our life, we getting older too but our kimi continue, HUGS
amberkiitty77 (3 months ago)

Hello. It feels like years lol.......Your page is amazing as always. Be talking to you soon. Maybe I'll make a kimi or two <3 But your outstanding beauty stays with you
beth236 (3 months ago)

Beautiful kimis as always :)
Sinnlich (3 months ago)

Hi , ich Danke dir für deinen Stopp bei mir. Deine kimis sind wie immer sehr schön.Ich schaue oft bei dir rein.Du hast Talent. Das Jahr war voller Pech für mich .Ich habe dir eine email gesendet.Es war wieder Krebsverdacht und mein Freund ist verstorben...Wieviel Schmerz kann der Mensch verkraften? Ich hoffe deine email add ist noch aktuell. Liebe Grüße Christine
tess2009z (4 months ago)

Hi Ingrid, It's been a while. Nice to hear from you? How is it going dear friend? I'm glad you're fine. It's always a pleasure to see you on my page. Likewise, your kimis are exquisite. Delicately done with precision. Awesome as always. Take care! Have a great week ahead. Hugs!
shiela_zinke (4 months ago)

Hello Ingid thanks for stopping by on my page but im sorry for the late reply, i was in the church today and some girls in the group celebrating their bday so i was late home
tess2009z (9 months ago)

Hi Ingrid! Happy Mother's Day to you too dear friend! Hugs! xoxo