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4. Chrome & Safari Instructions
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Installing the Imikimi Plugin:
 Google Chrome and Safari for Windows
Our installer doesn't currently support Google Chrome or Safari on Windows, but the plugin will work if you are up for a small manual step. It is pretty easy to do.

First download and install the imikimi plugin from here:

Then copy this file:

  • C:\Program Files\Imikimi\Imikimi Plugin 0.5.1\npkimi.dll

into your browser's "Plugins" subfolder found inside your browser's application folder. You will likely see many other plugin files with names that start with "np" and end with ".dll".  Typically you can find your browser's "Plugins" folder in the following locations:

  • Safari:
    • C:\Program Files\Safari\Plugins

  • Chrome (Windows Vista):
    • C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\Plugins

  • Chrome (Windows XP):
    • C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\Plugins

where USERNAME is your Windows username

Note: You may need to create the Plugins subdirectory.

You should now be able to create Kimis in Safari or Chrome. Enjoy!

Macintosh Users Note: Chrome should work fine after you install the plugin. If you are having troubles with Safari, please read this.
torbis 6 monthsago
Porque hacen tan complicado todo, otras paginas como blingee o picmix es muy facil utilizar el editor, tienen mas opciones sus editores que este y funcionan fácilmente sin tener que bajar ninguno plugins ni nada y se utiliza sin ninguna complicacion.Me parecxe que este tema De bajar un plugins que no funciona tiene algo raro, algo malicioso mmm
TheHawakGirl 9 monthsago
I have downloaded the pluggin with fire fox.. Explorer and google chrome. And nothing works. The imikimi company told me in an email that they will not fix the pluggin and they said oh well thats the breaks .. They will not fix the pluggin. downloading as they say to do is a waste of time.
TheHawakGirl 9 monthsago
This sucks that we cant use the editor pluggin. I loved making photo frames with that. Is there anyway to get the pluggin to work . I am using windows 7 and google chrome
Kel1283 1 yearago
used to work really well with chrome...does nothing now....
tess2009z 1 yearago
I Have Vista window 7. It used to work well with window 7 but several weeks ago I can't edit my homepage or kimi pages. The explanation above is not working for me. Clicking the edit button not responding at all. Good thing I could make kimis & edit is working in that regard. If I want to feature it in my homepage, there's no way I could do it as edit doesn't work in that process.
stephenienadler 1 yearago
I am not a very smartperson when it comes to the programs and folders in the computer itself. I am a windows/chrome person and do not understand all the instructions downloading the plug-in. Where is my sub-folder? and all that stuff. Can somebody just tell me in plain english how to do this. I would love to create and make frames too! Thank you so much!
tigereyes7088 1 yearago
I'm having the same problem as everyone else is. I have Win 10 and Chrome and this isn't working!!! Does anyone ever get answered on here? Just Wondering?
stephenienadler 2 yearsago
I was really into doing so many things on this, became a kimifan and everything, then Had to re-new my subscription using a different credit card and now I can't log in, It just sits there like it is thinking but I have do a forgot password and reset every time. this should not be happening but I cannot get any help at all. Tried several times and can't get anyone to contact me back. I am baffled! Help!
daleduval 2 yearsago
my ip to you all trying to solve this proplem don't do nothing your going to crash your computer because these people realy don't give a crap to solve this proplem just go to blingee.com better there then have a head ake here
daleduval 2 yearsago
it don't work on windows 10 as a 6 year member on here am so mad that the people on here that works to let up have fun on here making art seems to me they just don't care going back to blingee.com as it looks they give a crap about there members there