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4. Chrome & Safari Instructions
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Installing the Imikimi Plugin:
 Google Chrome and Safari for Windows
Our installer doesn't currently support Google Chrome or Safari on Windows, but the plugin will work if you are up for a small manual step. It is pretty easy to do.

First download and install the imikimi plugin from here:

Then copy this file:

  • C:\Program Files\Imikimi\Imikimi Plugin 0.5.1\npkimi.dll

into your browser's "Plugins" subfolder found inside your browser's application folder. You will likely see many other plugin files with names that start with "np" and end with ".dll".  Typically you can find your browser's "Plugins" folder in the following locations:

  • Safari:
    • C:\Program Files\Safari\Plugins

  • Chrome (Windows Vista):
    • C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\Plugins

  • Chrome (Windows XP):
    • C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\Plugins

where USERNAME is your Windows username

Note: You may need to create the Plugins subdirectory.

You should now be able to create Kimis in Safari or Chrome. Enjoy!

Macintosh Users Note: Chrome should work fine after you install the plugin. If you are having troubles with Safari, please read this.

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svjetlanalanacicko (6 days ago)

Help Pleaseeee! I have been member for a while. However, issue i am having is that it's not working with my Windows 8.1. Anyone have experience with it and how to overcome that and use Chrome browser as well?
tanfastic (1 month ago)

Yous really need to upgrade this site so ppl who have been on this site for years and even paid for it to download the plugin on Google Chrome so we can make our own kimi's etc and it actually works because I've tried and the plugin is not supported by Google Chrome so get a move on and get into the 21st century
Hine (3 months ago)

i had been in this wonderful website imikimi.com for ten years , and now i couln't go into it.
gjtruefaith (3 months ago)

I have followed the instructions for chrome and it does work on my Windows 7 ultimate computer PLEASE help
susana2 (6 months ago)

I had my imikimi account for 7 years and it breaks my heart that i can't come back here and look at all of my creations from years ago. what's going on? i'm soo confused and it's very sad. Please fix!!
stivanoo (7 months ago)

imikimi his walk not with google chrome
browngirl777_1 (7 months ago)

Hello there, I have been a member for 5 & a half yrs. my subscription will expire the 15th of 2015. I wld like to make my payments but I cant find where to pay w/ my visa? will you help me?
bossyphotogirl (11 months ago)

I love imikimi but I am not able to use it on all of my PCs.I have two windows 7 bought at the same time and only one will run the pligin. I don't understand what it means by "copy this file into your folder..." copy what you can not just copy and paste that into the folder that does not make sense. I am getting very frustrated! Why can't you just make it universal and easier to use for everyone?!
MSocorroPGuerra (1 year ago)

this is so bad I have windows7 which this wont work you so need to update to what your users need
angeleyes_08 (1 year ago)

i am having awlfully hard time doing anything on here,at internet exspoyer,i cant even sign in,wats up?? i have been here since 2008,and everything worked great,plz,change it back so ur loyal fans will be able to do our favorite hobby,and passs itmeplzzzzz!!!