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How do I put my Kimi on Myspace, Facebook, Bebo, Frienster, Hi5 or other websites? 

There are many ways to share your Kimis on popular web-sites: 

  • You can click the Share button. Then select the web-site you want to share on. You will be asked for your login and password for that website (your password is only kept long enough to post your Kimi and is then immediately forgotten). 
  • Many web-sites such as Myspace let you copy and paste HTML codes into your profile or comment-messages. Here's how: 

    1. Click on the Share button 
    2. then click the "Copy" button in the middle-right of the white Quick-Post (gigya) window 
      (Note: you can copy the same code by clicking the "Embed" box at the top of the Quick-Post bar and pressing Control-C or right-clicking on the box and selecting "Copy"; some users find this more convenient.) 
    3. Finally, go to Myspace, Friendster, or wherever and paste the codes in your profile, comment or blog by putting your cursor in the text-box where you want it and press Control-V or right-click and select "Paste". 

  • If you want to paste your Kimi into a Forum, click the "more embed codes" link and then copy the "forum" codes. 
  • Some web-sites let you pick your own background. Try copying the "profile background" code under "more embed codes" and pasting it into your profile. 
  • Some web-sites require a link to the image you want to post (usually blogs). There is a code for that under "more embed codes", too. 
  • Finally, if you just want a link to the View-Kimi page for your Kimi, you can copy the "Perma-Link" under "more embed codes". 

How do I set my Friendster Profile Background? 

  1. Find the Kimi you want 
  2. Click on "more codes" 
  3. Copy the IMG code 
  4. Log into Friendster 
  5. Go here 
  6. Paste the IMG code into the Page Background Image URL 
  7. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Generate Friendster Code" 
  8. Copy the Friendster CSS code 
  9. Go here 
  10. Paste the Friendster CSS code into the Advanced Customization -> Customize CSS box near the bottom. 

Can I Email my Kimi? 

You can email any Kimi directly from Imikimi.com, just view it and click the "Email this Kimi" link. 

How do I remove a Kimi from my Profile? 

There are two parts to remove a Kimi: 

  1. First you need to edit your profile and find the codes associated with the Kimi you want to remove and remove them. Search for "imikimi" to find codes from Imikimi.com. 
  2. If you want to delete your Kimi off Imikimi.com, you need to view it, click the "trash" link and then click "empty trash".
vinita_kumari_20 3 yearsago
I can't up imikimi frames on fb
myquizza 3 yearsago
i cant find some other imikimi frame
inasuailua 4 yearsago
please how im gonna use the imikimi for my photo
Mia2609 4 yearsago
too much request...no wonder...in this life nothing is easy nothing is free....
Mia2609 4 yearsago
helo,,can someone help abt this...everything...i try made a kimis but there show must install the plugin..i do instal it n when i made a kimis..its ask for install the plugin again n again...why so...
Leesahitorres 5 yearsago
why i cnt posr my kimi on my fb
magna190 5 yearsago
ai posto my kimis on my facebook
janine_perey23 5 yearsago
why can't i post my kimis on my fb?
atevirgie 5 yearsago
pls help me to include imikimi.com to my wall as favorite or to inclde to my facebook account..more thanks
sherryhopey 6 yearsago
would like to have my pics private like I did before but it automatically posts public, could you help me with this..