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vinita_kumari_20 2 yearsago
I can't up imikimi frames on fb
myquizza 3 yearsago
i cant find some other imikimi frame
inasuailua 3 yearsago
please how im gonna use the imikimi for my photo
Mia2609 4 yearsago
too much request...no wonder...in this life nothing is easy nothing is free....
Mia2609 4 yearsago
helo,,can someone help abt this...everything...i try made a kimis but there show must install the plugin..i do instal it n when i made a kimis..its ask for install the plugin again n again...why so...
Leesahitorres 4 yearsago
why i cnt posr my kimi on my fb
magna190 4 yearsago
ai posto my kimis on my facebook
janine_perey23 4 yearsago
why can't i post my kimis on my fb?
atevirgie 5 yearsago
pls help me to include imikimi.com to my wall as favorite or to inclde to my facebook account..more thanks
sherryhopey 5 yearsago
would like to have my pics private like I did before but it automatically posts public, could you help me with this..