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Getting Started with imikimi
 Welcome to Imikimi! To get started:

     1. Create an Account

     2. Browse the Hottest KimisNew Kimis or Kimi Categories to Find a Kimi - or just click one of these examples:

Install the Plugin
 as prompted when you Customize it or go directly to the Install Plugin page.

     4. Edit and Customize it to your heart's content with our easy and powerful editor:

     5. Save your Kimi by clicking the Save button in the upper left corner

     7. or Email your Kimi to a friend

     8. or Print your Kimi on a T-Shirt, Mug, Mouse-Pad or many more options!

     For more help see the Tip and Hints for the Kimi-Image Editor , Help Videos
. or if you have more questions, please Contact Us.

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Denisec4 (3 months ago)

how do you get plugin installed
Denisec4 (3 months ago)

how do you get plugin installed
jonahlodronio (1 year ago)

how to get pictures on my FB photos to create 1mikimi.? and how to put the text in my kimi works.?
judya154 (2 years ago)

i have made new folders. how to bring my kimis there from the general. drag+drop isn't possible and I can't find any option to move the kimis. even by saving a kimi is there no option to tell where to it should.
couldbunome72 (2 years ago)

after i make my imikimi how do i save it
shortie82971 (2 years ago)

i want to delete a kimi and it won't let me drag it to my trash like some people said. how do i delete it?
tantongcoopulenciaagnes (2 years ago)

how to get my friends photo on their own account.
nyleronee (2 years ago)

why i cant save my ikimi?
lilia0570 (3 years ago)

jhayem21 (3 years ago)

nakagawa na aq ng isa.... hirap mag save mga ginawa ko... nawawala... bakit kaya?