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Just click on any of the Kimi-Images below for useful tips on how to use the editor...
How to Crop a Photo
How to Delete an Outline, Fill or Object
How to Resize your Kimi
Hot to make a Heart
How to Superimpose Photos
How to Crop a Photo Using Any Shape
Murielleeblain 1 yearago
I need help please, just bought, seems like wonderful app, although when I want to ad my pictures, I can't see them, all blank grey squares....what can I do
ramxkie_ayoon 3 yearsago
...panu mag edit ng picture?
bellenorman13 3 yearsago
I cant see the option of switch to kimi editor
moltres_rider 3 yearsago
I DON'T HAVE THE OPTION TO USE THE EDITOR (my last comment AUTOMATICALLY submitted while typing)
cam454545 3 yearsago
how do we add text to frames
velove27 4 yearsago
Why after I choosen a frame then want to add photo but the frame doesn't come out.
nexhimziu 4 yearsago
how can i put some text into it?
Emakopi 4 yearsago
Can anyone tell me how tomake kimi in my hp andoroid
nexhimziu 4 yearsago
how can i put some text ?
jaish22 4 yearsago
pnu mg edit ?? grabe . hrap na ng imikimi ngaun !!