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Safari 4 and Snow Leopard

Currently the Imikimi plugin does not work with the newest release of Apple's OSX - Snow Leopard. Note, Firefox for OSX still works. We will work on getting a patch done as soon as possible. Below are instructions on how to fix it for Safari. If you scroll down you can also watch a short video that shows you how to do it.

  1. Go to your Applications Folder
  2. Get Info on Safari
    • Right/Option-click on Safari and select Get Info OR
    • Click on Safari then ⌘+I
  3. Checkmark "Open in 32-bit mode" 
  4. Restart Safari

Get-Info on Safari
Check Open in 32-bit mode

The video below shows how to run Safari in 32-bit mode.
dedeaparecida13 3 yearsago
imikimi nao funciona mais porque.
cielos 3 yearsago
i have been tring to use it and no luck..... i loved this app....what is going on.....its been a while....... :(
CARRIE640 3 yearsago
I tried ALL of this a few YEARS ago with no luck. Thought I'd try again making the assumption it's been "fixed". Silly me! Why even OFFER the option if it doesn't work??
annamariec 4 yearsago
every body just calm down...it will be fixed soon...just load some photo editor from the app store to your computer and done were done
draenterprises 4 yearsago
when is this going to be ready for us I Mac users who have Snow Leopard?...I need to use this asap....please fix soon!
GERASHER 4 yearsago
why i can't use in Mac pro G.R.R.R
GERASHER 4 yearsago
why i can't use in Mac pro G.R.R.R
GERASHER 4 yearsago
why i can't use in Mac pro G.R.R.R
alwaysme99 4 yearsago
SUCKSSSSS so mad i can't use imikimi on my MacBook Pro "Safari" I did all steps correctly but NO POINT still can't get the editor sucksssss so mad ughhh!!!!!
stokroteczka 4 yearsago
to jest smieszne niby taki dobry program mac a nie mozna zainstalowas imikimi dlaczego