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Slideshows and YouTube for Kimi-Pages
YouTube and Slideshows for Kimi-Pages

Two new Kimi-Page modules bring motion, sound and video to your pages. With the new YouTube module you can place any YouTube video in your Kimi-Page. You can share your favorite YouTube videos, or you can make your own videos and share them on Imikimi. We provide several sizes and display options including HD widescreen.

The new Slideshow module lets you share your Kimis in great new ways. You can share your hottest, latest and most-used Kimis. You can also share Kimis from any of your folders. You can share your friends' latest and greatest Kimis. The best part is you don't have to edit your Kimi-Page when you or your friends release new Kimis. The Hot, Most-Used and Latest lists automatically update.

To learn more about both the YouTube and Slideshow modules, please watch the video below.
renzetrudy 3 yearsago
ik kan dit niet lezen kan alleen holland lezen dus dit word voor mij een peuzel
Mia2609 4 yearsago
how it works....?...i didn't seing any share on here..hw do i follow the instruction so i can made my own kimis.....response please..why it is very difficult....
Pramodppp 4 yearsago
Plz hlp me....
lyasmile 5 yearsago
mahn its really hard to follow ur instruction...
sandechiqs 5 yearsago
TAMA MAXADONG NAKAKA BOBO =O pansinin nio nman puro bad comments dito =O
sandechiqs 5 yearsago
TAMA MAXADONG NAKAKA BOBO =O pansinin nio nman puro bad comments dito =O
sulaimanjohanie 5 yearsago
ang hirap naman n2,pano ishare???
robytut 5 yearsago
paano komaiishare yung mga pixz kong nsa facebooksa imikimi?
funda9 5 yearsago
c boo
chenichakkk 5 yearsago
ammmp .. panu to ?? help meeeeeeeee !!!