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created 6y 4m ago
Welcome To My Page - Hope You Will Find Something You Like and Use and Come Back Anytime...Thank You For Stopping By
tetemorenasimpatica 1 yearago
brezzz_n 2 yearsago
Thanks so much for stopping by. So nice to hear from you:) Your kimi's continue to be incredible. I hope all is well and do keep in touch my friend:)
brezzz_n 2 yearsago
Hello, I just stopped by to see your lovely creations. What a creative hand you have:) I don't really make kimi's anymore but it's nice to see some of the originals are still around. Take care my friend:)
iceman2057 3 yearsago
Say don't mind anyone using a photo I created'' the cowboy that you have was done by me'' not sure where you got it'' as it was on facebook'' next time need to check where or who sent it to you thanks
MicFish3 3 yearsago
Hi JB, I'm a little behind in stopping by but wanted to say hello and see your beautiful kimis. I put some new stuff into my photobucket. Let me know if you need the link and I'll send it to you on FB. Thanks for the beautiful cards. Lots of love coming your way xox
amberkiitty77 3 yearsago
Your page is alive with bright clear kimis and breathtaking art. Love it !!! -Darlene-