tryky - GOOD BYE MICHAEL !!!
baymi 7 yearsago
michael jackson we luv u u may rip
BUBBLES9811 8 yearsago
rip we love you ur the king of pop forev someone may have taken ur life but nobody take ut tittle of king of pop ily mj rip <3
sexii-rara 8 yearsago
r.i.p mj we love u all day to the end i will cry for u
nisha15babi 8 yearsago
r.I.p mIcHeal
nisha15babi 8 yearsago
r.I.p mIcHeal
anko8aug 8 yearsago
snickers_2 8 yearsago
he's the king of pop and that will never change..........we love you michael..R.I.P
kelvin063 8 yearsago
r.i.p mj
farxa 8 yearsago
sry for what happened to MJ R.I.P