OjOErAiZa 2 yearsago
can't ADD Photo to Create to edith why? Grrrr
dedanene 5 yearsago
adoro o imikimi
ndebeer4 5 yearsago
bbmcdo 6 yearsago
its nice pero bakit ayaw xa ma customize? bitin
xamse4444 6 yearsago
walaal maa
meltingangel 8 yearsago
nyc pro i mean it ...its very hard to costumize our own kimis...u still need to install just to make ur own..ano ba nman yan...sana hindi nlang ako nag sign in d2 ang pangit ng editor nyo...
jeunefille84 8 yearsago
je comprends en anglais et je peux po trduire la page sa me soule je n'y arrive po Mdr
mom2mytwinz 8 yearsago
cool kimi!