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Just took the perfect photo? Want to make it look the best it can be before you share it? With over 1.9 million frames and 30+ great new effects, it's easy to add a personal touch to your photos. With Imikimi Frames & FX you can easily express your mood, style and creativity.

Amazing New Effects

You can apply over 30 great effects to your photos. Tweak each effect with sliders and touch to perfectly match your photo. Erase parts of your effect back to the original image. When you finished one effect you can add another. The posibilities are limitless! Watch the video for ideas.

Choose a Template

  • Over 1.9 million user-created photo frames and growing
  • More than 1,000 new frames added daily
  • Everything from dating and holidays to sports and travel
  • Great frames, crazy face drop-ins and more
  • Templates with 1, 2, 3 or more photo spots

Add Photos

  • Photo Library
  • Your Camera (iPhone only)
  • Facebook - your albums, your friends' albums, or any photo tagged with you or your friends

Customize your Kimi

  • Position, scale and rotate your photo using multi-touch
  • Work in portrait or landscape mode
  • Re-edit your creations as much as you want!

Apply FX

  • 30+ Infinitely Customizable Photo Effects:
    greyscale, sepia, colorize, hue saturation brightness contrast, sharpen, blur, soft focus, linear blur, radial blur, zoom blur, glow, soft glow, mirror, pattern, flip, rotate, black & white, bright, invert, round edge, square edge, pinch, punch, twirl, spherize, picasso, thin & fat, low resolution, edges and edge-glow
  • FX Eraser - easily apply FX to just part of a photo
  • FX Blender
  • Red-Mode FX Erasing Helper-View
  • Invert Erasing
  • Built-in tutorial video for using FX


  • On Facebook - with photo tagging
  • On Twitter with TwitPic
  • By email
  • Via MMS
  • Assign to a contact and see your Kimi when they call
  • Set as your iPhone/iPod's wallpaper
  • Save to your iPhone/iPod's Photo Library

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