Editing on Imikimi

Recomended Browsers

  • Chrome 53
  • Firefox 49
  • Safari 10
  • Microsoft Edge 14
You are using on . Please update your browser. BrowseHappy.com

We are doing major Kimi editor updates!

We've updated the main Kimi Customizer (where you just add your photos and text). The new Kimi Customizer editor looks much like the old editor, but is totally new.

Our new Kimi Frame Maker lets you make your own Kimi Frames from scratch, by adding your photos and graphics and text and photo drop-ins, and arranging them however you like. The ew Shape tool lets you add outlines and frames of many shapes, plus fills, and gradients, and shadows, and transparencies.... and, hey, try it!

Kimi Frame Maker is much like the old plugin editor, but doesn't need a plugin anymore and therefore just works in most modern browsers. Find it under the "More" button on the top bar (Kimi Frame Maker).

Make sure you are in a recent version of one of the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc), because they support the graphic tools we are using in this editor in order to avoid needing a plugin. Chrome supports those tools the most and will usually be fastest. You can find and download all of the latest browser versions here: BrowseHappy.com.

The old, old Plugin Editor is still there and has not changed. There is no longer a link to it in the basic Kimi Customizer editor, but you can find it under the "More" menu on the top bar. The old Plugin Editor mostly only works in Internet Explorer 11 these days (you can still try it there; it works for lots of people). We didn't change anything, but the world has moved on and the old plugin editor will soon work for nobody. We hate it, but it is what it is.

We are hearing that some people want to re-edit existing Kimis. We would like to understand what you are trying to do. Please send lots of details about what you want to do, and links to Kimis where you have re-edited in the past. We want to support you! E-mail to feedback@Imikimi.com

We are looking for input and bug clues on the new editors! Make sure you let us know which Kimi editor you are using.

What else are you seeing? Things you like? Things that could be better? Anything you have questions about? Anything at all?

Feedback is really appreciated!