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Welcome to my world!!!! 


Hi everyone!


My name is Paige and I have been creating all the kimi's you see on this page aswell as most of the kimi's you will see and find when you click Kimi Imiges off to the left!


Some of the kimi's have been created by my very beautiful and talented daughter Athena!


As you see we are a mother daughter team of kimi artists and share this account!


All of our kimi's are 100% originals so please do not steal or copy our creativity and ideas that we spend so much time and hard work on!


Please take a few minutes to have a look at my friends pages!!!! 

Leave me a comment if you need any help or maybe a tip or two!


I also am always very willing to create kimi's for people when requested!


I have a few truely amazing and very talented friends and fellow kimi artists who in my eyes are a very huge must see so please take some time to stop by each of their pages I have listed to the left!


Thank you all for stoping by and GBU!!!! 


Please judge people by getting to know them and not by the lies, false accusations, and rumors you might hear or be told!!!! 


Also just a quick note for all, I am not the 1 star bandit!

You will either get 5 stars from me or no stars at all sorry!

My stars will also be acompanied by a comment with my kudo's!

So if any of your kimi's recieve anything less than 5 stars please Know I have nothing to do with it!!!! 

shadiakurdi 8 yearsago
why could anyone steal your kimis if you want people to custumise them and see them.
da91na 8 yearsago
sp si mie cum tiai facut profilul asa te rog v