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beth236 (2 months ago)

Absolutely fantastic Halloween art Shiela. You put so much into each one :) I've never been a fan of Halloween but I made more than usual this year. Hope all is well with you as it's been a while since we had one of our usual chats. xx
tess2009z (3 months ago)

Hi Sis Shiela, Wow! Amazing artwork. Beautiful kimis going on here. What a fabulous creative mind you have? It shows the inner talent lurking deep inside and it projects to your artworks. Keep them coming sis. Love them all! xxx
hrit (2 years ago)

Hi Shiela, TYVM for stopping by ... You have AWWWESOME Halloween page & kimis. Have a nice weekend, Hugs
amberkiitty77 (2 years ago)

Your page is soooo scarey yet beautiful. Amazing talent my friend Smooches <3
likeshadow (2 years ago)

Snowdragon (2 years ago)

Stopping by to wish you a Happy Halloween my friend xx
likeshadow (2 years ago)

What a spookylicious page! All of them are awesome! Keep your magnificent work coming!!!!
tolitskitot (2 years ago)

hey tnx shiela for visiting my page..nope im not satisfied on my work ,my creations were actually costumized it ,i just shared only my ideas ..your work deserved it and you own it.you work hard friend and spend much time .take care and godbless,thanks again
tolitskitot (2 years ago)

CarolinaMel (3 years ago)

Hi Shiela!Are you still having problems with the pages? I am now able to edit and make new ones, BUT I had to get Google Chrome as a second browser. GC will let me edit and make new pages, but it will NOT let me make kimis! so I am using both, WINDOW EXPLORER to make kimis as usual, and GOOGLE CHROME just when I need to change the pages. I am not sure it you want to try that option. It works for me. Hugs and have a wonderful week ahead.