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Meet the artist behind the art.........Thanks to all of you for using my kimis.  You will find art for those in love, family, friends, weird houses, wild animals and Holidays....It's a pleasure to share my mind with all of you.  Feel free to stop by and say hello or just to view my pages and my slide show which will show you the newest kimis in my collection.


Many thanks


jozzie02 1 yearago
Stop by to say hello, and to check out your beautiful work. nice kimis.
Hairlady1949 5 yearsago
i have to tell you how much i love your work. they are the greatest ever.and it tells me you have a lot of soul in your work.and that means a lot to me. I respect your work.and a lot of class .hairlady1949@imikimi.com,
raquelrochadejesus 5 yearsago
carolineguizelini 5 yearsago
Stopping by to say hello and admire all of your wonderful creations!
CarolinaMel 6 yearsago
Hello again! Thanks you for visiting my page and for the lovely comment. Your work really is outstanding and you have a very unique style, truly beautiful and delicate. Have a fantastic weekend, and keep your beauties coming. Hugs-
smoggy 6 yearsago
Thanks for the compliments and feel free to stop by anytime, CarolinaMel. I just make them as I think and go and some are in fantasyland. I try to give unrealistic, but real settings so I can fit everyone's photo scheme based on when, where and how they photos are taken I enjoy looking at some of the settings others place in the frames. Come by anytime and say hello
CarolinaMel 6 yearsago
Hello! Your kimis are beautiful, like magic scenes from fairytales. Congrats on your features. You do fantastic work. Have a great weekend too.
smoggy 6 yearsago
Thanks oldgramspatti...(lol) I've learned along the way it's best to stay quite sometimes. Anything you say are sometimes used against you in negative ways. Life with a lot of joy is the best way to live. Thanks and come again.
oldbmpb 6 yearsago
hi smoggy your kimis are awsome, was wondering why you left the fourm
smoggy 6 yearsago
Magic blood, this is digital art if you want to make the kimis meaning becoming an artist. You can use different formats of art if you know how to put it together. If you want to use any art from any artist, click on the frame that you want and it will take you to the editor. Choose your photo that you want to drop in and correct the photo and save it. The help page will also assist you in learning how to use the software. Try that and let me know if that helped.