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My Hottest kimis
jobe2012 5 yearsago
Hello My name is Cynthia and i seek for true friendship and partner so i contacted you, please if you don't mind i will like you to reply my mail back so i can send you my picture and tell you more about me, Cynthia......my email..(cynthiajobe@hotmail.com) Kisses
MicFish3 5 yearsago
Hi, I wanted to stop by and wish you a beautiful Easter weekend ~ Hugs!!
MicFish3 5 yearsago
Hi, stopping by to admire your beautiful kimis - love your page!!
star_bull 6 yearsago
thanks Darlene for believing my craft...God bless and more power!!!
amberkiitty77 6 yearsago
hi just happened in on your page. What an AWSOME TALENT!!!!! Well donr BRAVO!!! Keep them comming "best kimi page"***** won my vote congrats----your kimi friend-----Darlene------
wrtyu 7 yearsago
this kimis are cool
timmyayers 8 yearsago
very nice kimis i love them stop in at my page some time thanks '^)
miliareva 8 yearsago
KOmo c HaCE pAra CaRgAR lAz FoTOs u DEcOrLas
sunsetgirl28 8 yearsago
hey i love ur kimis their so cool! ā™„sunsetgirl!
aprilfatimah 8 yearsago
but i dont know how to make a kimi