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raquelrochadejesus 1 yearago
Beautiful Kimi's
lisa9215 5 yearsago
TY for vote, much appreciated, some awsome kimi's here also xx
evmasy 5 yearsago
hi wildthing, great kimis! ;o)
wildthing_9111 5 yearsago
Mama Ice, That would be fine with me! Feel free to use anything you like. All my frame have my logo on the lower right corner, so it's not a problem at all!
Mama Ice 5 yearsago
Hello Wildthing_9111,I would like to ask if it was alright if I use beautiful lake falls blue shadow frame on you tube as a movie i'm putting together with avatar pics and a song i did for the first time and i would like to get comments back from subscribers of you tube,however i don't want to go to jail for using your frame without asking. May I have your permission to use the beautiful lake falls blue shadow Frame on you tube? empressgrimes@gmx.com Thank-You for your artistic talent.